Graha Kerindo Utama



PT.Graha Kerindo utama and PT.Graha cemerlang Paper utama are subsidiares of Kompas Gramedia, who focuses on Tissue Business. PT Graha Kerindo Utama is a specialist manufacturer in converting tissue paper. Since its inception in 1986, PT Graha Kerindo Utama has been committed to maintaining high quality in producing 100% virgin pulp tissue.

As a part of Kompas Gramedia Group, we are dedicating to make good business with other companies. We have a highly experienced team, com petent personnel and high technology to produce high quality tissue paper product such as Facial, Roll, Handkerchief, Napkin, and Towel. We offer soft, hygienist and strength tissue.Our company has several brand names such as TESSA, MULTI, DYNASTY and new diaper product – PEEMO . In tissue market GKU reach 52% market share in Indonesia.

PT.Graha Cemerlang Paper Utama is a specialist manufacturer in tissue paper making. In 2004, Kompas Gramedia group (Indonesia) and Chan Li (Taiwan) agreed to establish a tissue mill located KIKC named PT Graha Cemerlang Paper Utama (PT. GCPU) Cikampek.

PT.Graha Cemerlang Paper Utama completed the process of development Tissue machine#1 in September 2005 and started commercial operations in November 2005. In 2009, Chan Li sold the shares to Kompas Gramedia, since that day ownership status completely owned PT.GCPU. With the rapid development of markets both domestically and outside the country, in 2011 PT. GCPU invested a tissue machine#2 in order to fulfill of market demand. At present PT.GCPU become the main supplier to PT.GKU, which is to serve domestic demand and also export Jumbo Roll to the entire world.